F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the most necessary to realize my project ?

To make a product by the injection molding method you need to have an injection mold f you don’t have your own tool to start proceeding, we can manufacture it for your needs in our tool shop.

We will help and support the whole process from the initial design to finished plastic part.

2. How much does the injection mold cost ?

A quotation which is the most precise should and can be prepared based on 3D model (suggested file extension is .stp). If you don’t have any design or model yet, we can estimate costs based on the product’s sample.

Moreover, what we need to prepare an offer is the information about:
– number of cavities in the mold you would like to manufacture (or the information about estimated monthly or yearly demand for the products)
– structure of the detail’s surface (polished/after tooling/chemically etched)
– material which the product should be made of (if the Customer describes the detail’s work condition or its application, our specialists can help to choose the best material)

3. How much does the finished plastic part cost ?

As in the quotation for the injection mold, we are able to prepare the most precise offer based on 3D model or product sample provided by the Customer.

Moreover, we usually ask the Customer to share with us information like:

- number of cavities in the mold (or product monthly/yearly demand estimation)
- the visibility of the product: is it a visual or technical detail? (alternatively: information about signifying of the detail’s structure)
– material which the product should be made of – settling the material group or the accurate material symbol (if the Customer describes the detail’s work condition or its application, our specialists can help to choose the best material)

If the Customer already has his own injection mold, we ask him to share with us all information listed above and to let us know about the product weight and the current cycle time.

4. What is the injection mold life expectancy ?

Usually, the warranty for injection molds manufactured by our tool shop is 500.000 cycles. But if the production process takes place in our injection molding company we take care about the service and periodic kind of servicing of molds what makes their lifetime longer. Injection molds used in our company are in a good working condition for even more than several million cycles.

5. How long does it take to implement a new product ?

The implementation time depends on the complexity level of the project we work on. Usually, the tool shop needs 6-8 weeks to manufacture the mold.We are able to estimate the full time we need for implementation after familiarizing with basic information about the project.

6. What is the minimum production volume ?

The main production cost is injection mold manufacturing. Because of that, the minimum production volume is contingent on tool amortization. Our injection molding company can produce any volume our Customer needs, but based on our experience we can say that Customers decide to cooperate with us only if they want to produce several thousands of pieces.