Tool shop

Our company has also its own tool department. We manufacture injection molds with a maximum weight of approx. 2 tons. We have many years of experience, a team of well-qualified constructors, technologists, operators, programmers of CNC machines and locksmiths. Every year we make 50-60 injection molds which stay with us and work mainly in our production company.

Thanks to many years of experience of our specialists, we are able to predict any possible threats and to avoid lots of constructional problems at an early stage of design.

We used to manufacture injection molds using both cold and hot runner systems. Depending on the client’s expectations, we are able to offer a hot runner system of any manufacturer. We work mostly on INCOE, HEATLOCK and YUDO systems.

Basically, we used to work on FCPK BYTÓW standards. In case of other customer requirements, we can offer also components from any other manufacturer.

The tool department also takes care of the maintenance and servicing of molds entrusted to us by our customers.

CNC Machines:



We are a company which develops in a hectic pace and always puts customers first.


We are a team which every single order treats as a priority from the initial stage of the project until its realization.


We run a business for which a company means people.


Work is our passion and we keep going this way nonstop for over 30 years.

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